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Up, up, and away.

With EF Ultimate Break, we'll get you to
where you want to go—fast.

Photo by Kraig A. in Panama

Our price is right

We’ve worked with the big players of air travel for decades, which allows us to offer you (and our other travelers) the lowest possible prices. You’re welcome. And, when you book your trip, your flights are automatically part of your trip payment plan, so you don’t have to worry about paying for your ticket all at once. We’re here to make traveling easier on you, and your bank account.

Convenience is kind of our thing

You’ve booked your trip, let us take it from here. Our crew of travel experts will take care of all your flight and transportation logistics, so all you have to do is decide whether you want peanuts or pretzels (hint: pretzels). Have a change of heart about your destination? You can change your trip up to 99 days before departure, and we’ll take care of the flights for you.

Photo by Kevin E. in Costa Rica

Photo by Philip E. in Munich, Germany

We’re there for you

When you book airfare with us, you’re guaranteed 24-hour support. So just call us, beep us, homing-pigeon us, and we’ll always answer. Whether your flight is affected by an airline strike, or you need advice on handling flight delays or cancellations, our support team has got your back.

Keep the adventure going

Whether you’d like to arrive early for your trip, stay behind to continue exploring, or even add another city to your travels, our team of travel experts will help you customize your flight itinerary to fit your travel preferences. The world is waiting, and we want to help you see it.

Photo by Tyree C. on Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland

Photo by Alex C. in Costa Rica

FAFQs (Frequently Asked Flying Questions)

Can I book my own flights?
Yep! Just select the Land Only option when booking your trip. The best part—even if you book your flights, all connecting flights within the trip are pre-included.

What if I want to fly with my friend?
It’s possible. Are you traveling from the same airport on the same date? Simply request to fly together. We can usually make it happen, but we can’t guarantee it. Just be sure to make the request at least 99 days before departure.

Can I choose my airline?
We work with all our partners to ensure you get the best price. But, we’ve all got our preferences. Let us know at least 99 days before departure and we’ll be happy to look into it. However, we can’t guarantee it. (But we’ll try really hard.) We always use trusted major airlines, so you’ll be in good hands no matter what.

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